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Online and social 'advertising' is an essential activity for businesses now. Establishing your digital audience and growing it into a community can bring lucrative rewards when it's done well. Whether you're a start-up or an established business, the content you broadcast and the touch-points you develop have the ability to impact your profitability dramatically. We can help guide you through the process, read on.

Website design & development

Our experience in developing websites for businesses dates back to the turn of the century! We created so many varied sites that we've lost count, but many of our clients return to us again and again for more, testimony to the quality and service of our website development. From e-commerce websites to single page portfolio websites, we create digital user experiences with content that is tailored to your target audience.

Digital channel strategy

Establishing the correct digital and social media channels is a critical activity and requires a sound understanding of your customers and how they digest information. Your customers may vary greatly, so we need to identify their habits and trends, and only then can we set up the appropriate promotional platforms for you to activate your campaign. The social media channels and the messages you distribute on them hinge upon your product or service, market and targets. Understanding how best to communicate with them is central to the success of any digital campaign.

Social media campaigns

Social media campaigns can help to support your business goals by promoting your brand on across a range of digital channels. We will identify which of those channels are right for you and your business based on research and analysis, then develop a tailored campaign and calendar in line with strategic objectives. Monitored and measured by KPI's to ensure that the campaign is track, we work alongside you to deliver product promotion and increase awareness.

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